MORTISE LOCK with 4-ways opening: keys, digital password, on-line application, rfid-card

€315.00 €355.00


Rim latch door lock with 4-ways opening (keys, PIN, mobile application, card)

€289.00 €315.00


Rim latch 3-ways opening door lock (Pin, keys, mobile application). Good enough for indoor/outdoor using.

€269.00 €299.00

Gateway Bluetooth WIFI BASALT MIST

WiFi-Bluethouth bridge device makes your door lock On-Line. Remote password generation, remote opening or block, remote batteries charging level control....

€99.00 €99.00

COBALT MOON - KEYPAD LOCK (garage, rampa access)

Keyboard access control device for using with electrical strikes or magnetic strikes - good for common door entrance, glass doors,...

€189.00 €249.00

Smart parking device

Smart parking device . Completely integrated with MyRent

€209.54 €255.00

Magnetic door lock (for keyboard smart lock)

One of possible use of smart lock for glass door is to use such type of magnetic door lock. There...

€315.00 €375.00


Rim latch 4-ways opening door lock. Keys, PIN, Card, mobile application. Remotely open with gateway. The most popular model for...

€299.00 €350.00

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