Smart apartments start from smart doors!

Oct 21, 2018, 9:08:13 PM

With our door locks you can solve all issues with meeting of your guests, keys given or lost etc.

Smart locks really can solve problems with:

- rush ours checkins (Friday or Saturday in a middle on season, when you can have simultaneously 10 checkins in one moment);

 - owner of apartments can not be slave of this apartments and can organize his time independently of arrivals time of his guest - they enter into apartment their self using PIN-code and then next day in appropriate time can be registered in eVisitor (very fast with help of scanning document application);
 - recording all open/close activities with all e-keys or pin-codes or rfid-cards- help to know when and how guests or cleaning ladies enter in.


Using our application you might not worry about organization of first meeting of your guests - they just arrive in suitable for them time and then you can set a meeting for making guests registration (if you need it) with scanning mobile application and on-line payment.


You can use 4 types of opening - normal mechanical keys, bluetooth mobile application on your smart phone, RFID-card, PIN-code (from 4 to 8 digits), that can be create automatically and you don't need any connection with your door locks.


Door locks have batteries and can work whole season (up to 10 months). It can be also join with WIFI-gateway and be on-line. It lets you use remote control, open, close operations just pressing one-button in your smartphone.


You will find different models of door locks for all types of your door: wooden, metallic, plastic, garage, ramps....Of cause, we will help you to find the most suitable solution for your case.

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